Tweet The goal for most Indigenous language revitalization efforts is to bring the language back into the home.  For that to happen, though, Indigenous language learners need to master the vocabulary of home and family life.  Many Ojibwe language students learned (or are learning) Ojibwemowin as a second language,

Allegiance: Now Do You Understand?   Tweet I was lucky enough to participate in a Split Rock Arts Workshop on Acrylic Collage with Linda Lomahaftewa. After a couple days of self-consciousness confining my creativity to ideologically vacant work, I did this. It was the summer of 2002. Acrylic, appropriated images,

On Sovereignty   Tweet   Sovereignty is one of those terms we toss around without much thought. To be sure, sovereignty is an important word within contemporary American Indian discussions. The term itself draws from legal, cultural, political, and historical traditions, and these traditions are connected to both European as

  Obiwanishinaabe’s Spoiler-Filled Review of William Grefe’s “Stanley” (1972)   Tweet There are two places in the US that draw people wanting to see bizarre theme parks, experience outrageous night life, enjoy salt water beaches, and perhaps build a new life of luxury.  One is California, which draws people who

The Anthropology of Zombies: Frontiers of the Reanimated West Tweet   I had a great time at the University of Oklahoma for this talk! Thanks to Steven Paul Judd for permission to use his “Dead Skins” artwork for the flyer. Extra special thanks to the OU Anthropology Graduate Student Association