Tweet Nashke, anishinaabedog! Here is a basic introductory speech in Ojibwemowin. I have included an audio file below. This is taken from the Ojibwemowin Zagaswe’iding (Ojibwe Language Table) in Minneapolis. We used several versions of this so that everyone could introduce themselves in Ojibwemowin. The goal was to keep

  Tweet While there are many opinions about the propriety of writing down oral Indigenous languages, written sources remain important to language learners and language learning.  Ojibwes, of course, have a unique relationship to literacy going back thousands of years.  This Ojibwe language dictionary by linguist John D. Nichols and

  Tweet The goal for most Indigenous language revitalization efforts is to bring the language back into the home.  For that to happen, though, Indigenous language learners need to master the vocabulary of home and family life.  Many Ojibwe language students learned (or are learning) Ojibwemowin as a second language,