This was presented at the 2019  Native American Literature Symposium  at Mystic Lake Casino on March 10, 2019. It is a “Red Reading” of Deadpool 2, done in honor of and in incomplete collaboration with my wife, Dr. Carol Warrior, who passed away a few weeks after we saw

    Policing Resource Extraction and Human Rights in The Land of the Dead   “The humor, bravery, and rude strength, as well as the vices of the frontier in its worst aspect, have left traces on American character, language, and literature, not soon to be effaced.” – Frederick Jackson

  Tweet If there’s one thing I’ve tried to keep in mind as someone invested in Ojibwe language revitalization, it is the fact that languages change over time. This is part of the life of a language; any language that remains vital, creative, and useful will change according to the

Tweet   While talking about stereotype has become rather boring, stereotypes themselves have not gone out of fashion, nor have they lost much of their ability to stand in for real people and real issues. Stereotypes fill films and literature, and allow their audience to quickly follow plots and conflicts

  Tweet The German Ideology is full of snark and drama, a glimpse into debates occurring in the 19th Century among followers of Hegel. It is prime evidence for “call out culture” being more than an Internet 2.0 phenomenon. While it helps to have some familiarity with the players, or

  Tweet While there are many opinions about the propriety of writing down oral Indigenous languages, written sources remain important to language learners and language learning.  Ojibwes, of course, have a unique relationship to literacy going back thousands of years.  This Ojibwe language dictionary by linguist John D. Nichols and

 REVIEW: “Shana: The Wolf’s Music”      Tweet   I attended the US premiere of “Shana: The Wolf’s Music,” and I don’t think I’ve ever looked at my watch that many times during a film. Not just because the pacing is uneven and ultimately draining, but the stereotypes are debilitating.

Tweet     Back in 2008, I won the Lamb of God “Producer Challenge,” sponsored by the band, Epic Records, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, and Apple’s GarageBand. The band released a special edition of their album “Sacrament” that contained a bonus disc of the isolated audio stems (grouped by instrument) for