(headphones strongly recommended)


“The oscillators are three somewhat matched pairs, low, middle, and high frequencies, with some overlap. Dual output allows for tailored stereo placement, creating natural comb filtering effects that can move across the stereo field when the frequencies are at that lovely, close-but-not-exact setting.”



Six analog oscillators set into 3-band pairs, feeding two outputs. LED power indicator. Voltage sag and two volume controls (one volume for each 3-band trio of oscillators). Each oscillator has its own matching LED indicator, frequency knob, and activation switch.

The dual outputs allow for comb filtering effects as two (or more) oscillators come into close range. This creates natural flange/phase effects that can move across the stereo field as the pitches are dialed in.

Creates everything angelic harmonies to nauseating intervals.

Voltage sag creates dramatic frequency changes across all oscillators, and at lower voltages produces delightfully unpredictable interactions among the oscillators.

Lovingly made by hand on traditional Cayuga territory in Ithaca, NY.

18VDC center negative power supply included.

The enclosure does have some minor scuffs from drilling and assembly. One is visible in the photos (below the switches).

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