Boozhoo, indinawemaaganidog!

Shaawano niindigo.  Makwa nindoodem.  Gaawaabaabiganikaag indoonjibaa, idash Cayuga ishkoniganing indaa.  Miigwech mawidishiyeg!

The menu at left has links to my academic activities, artistic work, electronic projects, political commentary, and Ojibwemowin resources.

My book, music, and film reviews are written from the perspective of an Indigenous scholar, and may include commentary on how I use the materials for teaching.



I received my PhD in Anthropology in 2012 from the University of Iowa.  I did my undergraduate work at the University of Minnesota.  I have taught at Bowdoin College in Maine, the University of Victoria in British Columbia, The Evergreen State College in Washington, the University of Washington, and Cornell University in New York.

Please note, nothing on this site should be construed as representative of any of my current or past institutional affiliations.

My research areas are: Indigenous language revitalization, language and identity, American cultural studies, language ideologies, Indigenous sovereignty, critical theory, Indigenous studies, and coloniality.

I am also known for applying Indigenous critical theory to zombie films and literature.

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I am an artist and musician. 

I work in acrylics, collage, and multimedia.  I make star quilts, regalia, leatherwork, drums, rattles, and beadwork.

My musical influences include Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Casper Br√∂tzmann, Godflesh, Slayer, Miles Davis, and Skinny Puppy.  I play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, dobro, cedar flute, hand percussion, and sing.

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I started building electronics projects with my best friend in junior high. We used to troll electronic BBSs over the phone-line modem peripheral to my C64. We poured over the local “Computer User” newspaper for projects in the back, and spent many hours at Axman Surplus looking for components. I built a mouse robot controlled via a joystick plugged into the C64 after we blew the A/V chip and couldn’t read the display anymore.

While in Ithaca, I became a board member of The Electrozone, a pop-up reality dedicated to the weird, the new, and the DIY.

During the pandemic, I brought back those old design and assembly skills, and opened Madwewe Handmade on, where you can see my handmade synthesizers, effects, and an occasional piece of used gear.

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Ninga-kagwejitoon ji ojibwemoyaan omaa.  Niin sa bangi eta go ninita-ojibwem.

I will try using Ojibwe here.  I only know how to speak Ojibwe a little bit.  My teachers have been Delores Wakefield, Collins OakGrove, Tony Treuer, Pebaamibines Dennis Jones, Gwayakogaabow Rick Gresczyk, Naawigiizis Jim Clark, Tobasonakwut Peter Kelly, Naabekwaa Adrian Liberty, David Bissonette, Waawaakeyaash Keller Paap, Nancy Jones, Larry “Amik” Smallwood, and Ojibwemowin Zagaswe’iding in Minneapolis.

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