Nashke, anishinaabedog!

Here is a basic introductory speech in Ojibwemowin. I have included an audio file below.

This is taken from the Ojibwemowin Zagaswe’iding (Ojibwe Language Table) in Minneapolis. We used several versions of this so that everyone could introduce themselves in Ojibwemowin. The goal was to keep adding to these introductory speeches, so I will be adding components.

There is always some controversy over the greeting Boozhoo. Some sources say that the word is borrowed from the French. Others say that the meaning goes far deeper into history.  I’m certain that the “man from Ninigoonsiminikaaning” is my Ojibwemowin teacher, Pebaamibines. I also heard another teacher of mine, Collins OakGrove, making fun of people who use “Aaniin” as a greeting. He laughed, saying that “There’s all these guys running around saying ‘What?’ to each other.”

I use them interchangeably. If you want to pick one over the other, that’s your choice.


man from Nigigoonsiminikaaning
Boozhoo Gaagiigidowin
Introductory Speech





 Hello / Hi

    my relatives.

    my classmates.

    my fellow human beings.

    my fellow Anishinaabes.

Bangii eta go ninitaa-ojibwem.

Gaawiin aapiji ninitaa-ojibwemosii.

Ninga-kagwejitoon ji ojibwemoyaan.

I only know how to talk Ojibwe a little.

I don’t know how to talk Ojibwe very much.

I will try using Ojibwe.

______ nindizhinikaaz zhaaganaashiimong.

______ nindigoo ojibwemong.

Niin nindoodem ____.

Gaawiin niin nindoodemesii.

Gaawiin (mashi) ningikenimaasii nindoodem.

____ niin nindoonjibaa.

____ nindaa.

____ nindanokii.

My name is ____ in English.

I am called ______ in Ojibwe.

My clan is ____.

I don’t have a clan.

I don’t (yet) know my clan.

I come from ____.

I live in ____.

I work at ____.

Mii o’o minik waa-ikidoyaan noongom.

Miigwech bizindawiyeg.

That is all I’m going to say now.

Thank you for listening to me.


Here is a pdf of the speech, in Ojibwemowin and English.

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